VR Training for the Oil and Gas Industry

Thorough and efficient training should be at the top of all oil and gas industries’ concerns. With such a large, vital workforce, these industries need to prepare their employees to complete their jobs safely and effectively or run the risk of catastrophic—and sometimes fatal—failure.

Prepare for the Unexpected

A standardized, all-encompassing virtual reality training course can help unite and strengthen the training that these employees deserve. This training can allow companies to simulate mock drills, operator qualifications, annual training, and more. Dangerous and life-threatening emergencies such as oil spills, gas leaks, explosions & fires, and chemical exposure can be recreated in virtual environments, guiding trainees in how to properly and quickly respond to these events if they should occur. Hearing, seeing, and controlling the experience from a realistic first-person perspective will make all the difference in how employees will respond on the job.

Modern Training Solution

Within a virtual reality experience, trainees in off-site locations can execute necessary tasks while being evaluated by a senior training manager back at corporate headquarters, which will save time, energy, and money for the company as a whole. By bringing your company’s safety training to the forefront, your company itself will thrive.