VR Training for Manufacturing

American manufacturing is growing faster than it has in decades, but a shortage of skilled laborers is stunting its full growth. The decline in trade school graduates over the past few decades has left a gaping hole in potential employees. Job openings remain unfulfilled as companies bend over backwards to attract new talent to replace the current aging workforce.

Attract New Talent

How can manufacturing companies train new hires in cost-effective, engaging, and interesting ways that will encourage them to work longer in the industry? First, integrate VR training with traditional training—which is often conducted in classrooms or on the production line, taking senior employees away from their jobs. Virtual reality training provides manufacturers with the opportunity to simulate a production line environment

before new laborers even hit the floor.

Sustainable Training

Virtual Reality can train fresh hires or assess current employees on product assembly, hazard recognition, equipment handling, and more. Whichever way

companies choose to utilize this technology, it holds key to efficiency and future success for manufacturers.